width="256"HGMA TV is a Christian base television broad casting media that is providing services to over 200,000 viewers in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. It covers millions of peoples around the world vianternet. HGMA TV broadcast its programs in French, Creole and English. Over hundreds of thousands of Haitians, French, and French speaking Africans watch the HGMA television’s programs in a daily basis. Our purpose is to educate and inform our viewers around the world. Our purpose is to educate and inform our viewers around the world..



width="256"HGMA MAGAZINE
HGMA has developed over the years different methods to promote its artists, groups and Choirs. A monthly magazine is another way that our members have been able to discover the beauty of our art, and to learn more about our stars. HGMA magazine is one of the best ways that the organization has used to inform the public about the stars and allow them to enjoy their beauty.




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When you sign with HGMA and pay a fee of $10 you get the following: Access to the organization website, coupons for concerts, and pay wholesale price for CD’s, DVD’s and Christian movies. HGMA Members overseas will get priority on any humanitarian action including food, clothes medical and other related activities conducted by HGMA.Also, members can build his or her financial future by participating at the HGMA Family Opportunity Business.



Image result for Our historyHISTORY OF THE AWARD
Growing up as a Christian artist, Emmanuel Polection at a certain time in his life became un-satisfy with the way Haitian Gospel artists are being treated. He has also observed how the pioneers of the Haitian Gospel Music have past away without leaving behind any vital memories or legacy or visible success during their entire live as Gospel artist. Emmanuel Polection has become so upset of the system, has decided to come up with an event that will create or motivate artists to work harder and make more efforts to bring the music to another level. In 1994, MrE created Mr.E Production; this label has produced three of his albums and organized in Haiti several events. In 2005, Mr.E came up with the Idea of Gospel Music Association as an organizational structure to regularize the Gospel music industry. In 2006, the first Haitian Gospel Music Awards was a great begging to a long and challenging journey. The Christian world was exited with the idea of the HGMA awards. The artists were happy and willing to attend a second, a third and a forth. In 2008, the idea became greater to the point where Mr.E wanted to involve Haitian’s artists and groups from all over the world to become part of the movement. He went to Haiti and organized the first HGMA awards. The movement has opened the door to twenty two Christian artists to travel to USA for the first time to attend the HGMA Awards in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. In 2009, MrE organized the second HGMA Awards in Haiti, 7500 peoples attended the event and 58 visas were given to artists to come to USA to participate at the awards ceremony. The movement has become a reality and each year artists from all over the world including the public are waiting for the event to find out the winners and the new songs and videos. The HGMA awards are now become an international ceremony in four different countries: Haiti, Dominican Republic, Canada and the United States. In the near future, the HGMA awards will be in France as well. Mr.E has just began his journey as head of the movement. The HGMA Radio/TV International will allow the movement to reach the world faster. .